Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NEW- Lindt Petits Dessert & 70% bars!

Here are 3 amazing bars from Lindt, the Truffle Cake, 70% Dark Chocolate Mousse and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Mousse. They are all incredible of course and the packaging really sells them well- no one does it quite as beautiful as Lindt! My favorite is the Hazelnut Mousse because of how light and fluffy it is- really melts on your tongue :) Both other bars are much heavier but still delicious.


Anonymous said...

Lindt is my favorite chocolate.

Jeanne Klockers said...

I love Lindt too. It is one of my favorite less expensive chocolate companies. Have you tried THEO chocolate? You can get it at Pier 1 stores or if you go to Seattle you can visit their store/factory. You can also check them out online at www.theochocolate.com

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Bastelopoly said...

Mhmmm Lindt chocolate!!

joven said...

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nikki1112 said...

mmmm it has made me want some now lol !!

joven said...

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Mr. Black said...

These chocolates look delicious...

I'll buy them if I ever see them around.

avalterra said...

Chocolate Traveler you are a fairy goddess.

Anthony Cere (Tino) Valterra

Unknown said...

Lindt are the best by far, I love buying their chocolate gift hampers for friends & family - always goes down a treat!

Unknown said...

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