Saturday, April 25, 2009

NEW- Strawberry Oreos from the U.S. and Japan!

There is a wonderful Japanese website called J-LIST ( that sells all things pop-culture from Japan, including very fun snacks & chocolate. Of course I had to try their Oreos, and in strawberry flavor no less, since those are not avail. in the U.S.- UNTIL NOW! The same day these arrived by mail, I was grocery shopping and found New Strawberry Milkshake Oreos! What are the chances? Now besides the obvious appearance, after taste comparisons, they are totally different cookies (but both yummy). Their version is not nearly as sweet as ours, as the Japanese like their cookies/chocolate a bit milder in general from ours. The U.S. version is delectable, and also goes well with the earlier Banana version I listed months ago (also pictured). One thing's for sure- Im going to have a hard time not devouring all of these at once! (BTW- J-List shipping rates are surprisingly low)

NEW- AXE Dark Temptation body spray smells like chocolate!

Yes, there is an undertone of chocolate scent in there, but not everyone will smell it, as its very subtle. But they want you to enjoy it, and right on the bottle it says "Dark Temptation: As Irresistable as Chocolate!" Quite the selling point I would say! Overall this is a delicious, strong, masculine, musky cologne for men that I quite like and bet will be very popular...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

NEW! William Dean gourmet chocolates!

William Dean chocolates are new to me, but have actually been here since 2007! And right in my neck of the woods, Florida! I can't beleive this gorgeous little shop has been a short drive away all these years- Thank you Linda for the ad you showed me! As you can see the chocolates are gorgeous and all handmade, some using edible spray paint for exceptional colors/design, and they are just as wonderful inside. The flavors are unique, inventive, and constantly changing. They are fond of fruit flavors and also sell fruit pate and choco bars with nuts & fruit added- it can all be seen up close on their website "". Bonus- WD will be at this year's NYC Chocolate Show so be sure to ck them out!

Ahhh, the beauty of Spring/ Easter chocolates....

Yes sadly the time has come to gather our post-Easter clearance sale chocolates and enjoy them lovingly until next spring, when the comfort of bunnies and Cadbury eggs can be with us once again. Until then, we shall savor the beautiful colors and flavors of spring/Easter chocolates and smile fondly as they melt in our mouths. Here are some new ones to tide us over....Lindt Fioretto, which is a lot like Hazelnut Rocher; Milka Earth, simply dreamy- found in an import store; and Werthers Caramel Mousse, delicious and very smooth- Recommended!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

M&Ms are all dressed up for Spring!

Here is my huge collection of Springtime M&Ms in all their pastel glory- every season M&Ms has different packaging with different major stores (Target, Walmart, large drugstore chains) and they are so fun and festive I just cant throw them out. So here is my collection- see if you can spot the ones from the 90's!

NEW- Market Street Gourmet Toffee!

I read about this toffee from an article my friend gave me, and knew I had to order some immediatly. So we split the shipping cost and each got a different flavor: Traditional and Margarita. Both are EXCELLENT and any toffee lovers dream- made in a small batches in Scottsdale AZ, Market Street Toffee Co. started in 2004 with an old family recipe. Now they have grown to include several other flavors, plus Peanut Brittle and Peppermint Bark. All the ingredients are pure- 100% butter, cocoa butter, pure cane sugar, almonds, and high grade chocolate- the taste is extraordinary! The Margarita toffee also has macadamia nuts, Tequila w/key lime juice, covered in white chocolate. The toffee arrived only 2 days after I ordered it (Priority Mail) in perfect, beautiful packaging- VERY impressive all around- I will certainly order this again for myself or a special gift! (