Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My new motto (and favorite t-shirt ever)!

Speaks for itself- love it!!

NEW Breyer's Hershey Kisses Ice Cream Poppers!

WOW- these really POPPED out at me from the ice cream aisle- and they are delicious! Hershey Kisses shaped ice cream bites covered in a crispy chocolate shell, they are really fun to eat- melt easily in your mouth and really do taste like Kisses! They also come in vanilla, but why bother with that when there is this flavor? A little expensive for the small pkg size, but Breyer's is the best so get them on sale and enjoy. Highly recommended...

A celebration of CHOCOLATE CEREAL- my other favorite food....

Every morning without fail I wake up and pour myself a big yummy bowl of sugar cereal with chocolate milk (my fav is Silk Chocolate Soy Milk since Im lactose intolerant) Recently a friend asked "how many boxes of chocolate cereal do you have right now in the pantry?" and I thought for a minute- a lot! At least 6! Yes, I LOVE it and even take baggies to work for a snack- its just the best food ever, anytime, anywhere (Im a sugarholic too- but not overweight since I exercise and otherwise watch my diet closely - no fried food!) Chocolate seems to be popping up on the cereal aisle more than ever lately - ever since the latest "health craze" about dark choc, all the so called "healthy" cereals have jumped on the bandwagon, adding it to their flavor varities. There's Choc Chex (very yummy, see earlier post), Choc Special K (with REAL dark choc chunks- really special), Choc Life (havn't tried yet) and Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Choc Clusters (good but not great). So here's a little sample of my current favorites- the best will always be Count Chocula of course, but I also love the new Choc Marshmallow Mateys (like Cocoa Puffs w/ tons of marshmallows!) and also love the PB&C even if its a generic of Reese's Cereal, it tastes just as good for half the price. Also not shown but with Honorable Mention- Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, Cocoa Puffs, and Cocoa Pebbles (try these two with strawberry milk for a fun twist). Im a true worshipper and will always enjoy the many variations these cereal co's come out with- and always with chocolate milk- it's the only milk in my fridge!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NEW Dove Desserts- Tiramisu & Bananas Foster!!

For those of us who can't afford to regularly dine out at fancy restaurants and eat gourmet desserts, this really is the next best thing: Dove (owned by Mars/M&M) has released a new line of their caramel filled Promises called DESSERTS, flavored with 2 of the world's most loved dessert flavors: TIRAMISU in deep dark chocolate has a slight cinnamony, Italian cream, almost coffee taste which tastes exactly like real Tiramisu with choc syrup on it. And even better (for me) is the BANANAS FOSTER in rich milk choc with the baked banana/ brown sugar/ rummy combo- its pure choco-bliss in a bite! And going one step further, I tried eating them both together and found the explosive flavor combo really was a melty Choco-Nirvana moment- complete with my eyes closing and the "Mmmmmmmm" - that deep sound of complete soul satisfaction. The flavors totally go together but are equally amazing on their own. I don't often buy the same choc twice (cuz there's always new ones to try) but I will be watching the sales and buying these again for sure! Thank you Team Mars/Dove!!
PS-these also have the cute Dove Promises messages inside, so don't crumple them up too fast!

NEW Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints- ouch!

So standing in line for checkout the other day this particular tin really jumped out at me- the packaging is new and REALLY impressive- so bold and beautiful! I have never been an Altoids fan- they are way too hard and strong for me, I would much rather have a TicTac or piece of gum - but they are very popular so plenty of ppl do enjoy them. I was going to skip it but then I saw the words that melted my heart- "Creme de Menthe" - LOVE that flavor and it sounds so smooth and french and creamy- admittedly the advertising ploy worked and I decided to give these a try in the hopes that MAYBE they somehow were able to soften the Altoids a little (creme de menthe just sounds soft & creamy right?) So while fondly admiring the tin I opened them up and saw the glistening dark choc nuggets inside and with very high hopes to be Wowed I popped one in my mouth and - OUCH! These things are so hard its dangerous! They did not soften them, thats for sure, and after realizing it I just sucked the yummy dark choc off and had to spit the Altoid out- ICK. I will be giving these away at work with a stern warning that they are rock hard- beware! So I come away with the new appreciation that JUNIOR MINTS & YORK PATTIES ARE THE ONLY DARK CHOC COVERED MINT I EVER NEED- they are both soft and minty and covered in dark choc- in fact these Altoids got that taste in my mouth so I had to run out and get a box of Jr. Mints immediatly. Mmmm, way better. Oh well, at least the Altoids tin is worth keeping!

NEW Tiny dark Tobler & dark Pomegranate Hershey!

Here are 2 great new offerings from totally unrelated companies but similar packaging- both eye catching & bold, using red, black & yellow- really stood out to me. Swiss Toblerone has shrunk their famous Tobler bars into "the tiniest Toblerone in the world" says the bag- they are perfectly bite size dark choc with honey & almond nougat. Delicious, adorable, and great for snacks on the go- throw a few in your purse or lunch bag. And Hershey has added an exciting new flavor to their Extra Dark line of squares- this is All Natural Pure Dark Chocolate (60%) with Pomegranate flavored pieces- yes, i know, the dreaded word "flavored"- red flag! Apparently (according to the ingrediants list) its not actual pomegranate pieces but rather some random fruit with pomegranate juice added, so altho its All Natural I guess real pomegranate either didnt hold up well or is too expensive or hard to process? Not sure but you do get a strong pomegranate flavor and pieces of fruit in each bite which contrasts very nicely with the slightly bitter chocolate. Really quite good and recommended. Plus each one is individually wrapped for a yummy treat anytime, anywhere- bonus!