Monday, January 12, 2009

NEW- M&Ms mugs and sandals!

My awesome friends Linda & Adriana blessed me with these very fun & funky M&M gifts that I just love love love! The lady Green mug is just adorable and came with mini packs of M&Ms inside- it could also be used as a candy dish :) The sandals are a hoot! I cant wait to wear these out and see what kind of comments I get- the sparkly red just takes them to the next level of crazy funky cool- they must be the world's happiest shoes! I will put them on whenever I need a little cheering up- nothing makes me smile quicker than bright colorful M&MS (eating or otherwise):) Thanx SO much ladies- made my Christmas and M&M collection way better!

NEW- M&Ms 2009 Calendars!

Here they are - the new awesome beautiful M&M 2009 calendars- wall and purse sizes- inside are great "photos" of the M&Ms in various seasonal settings- love it! And got them at Michaels craft store for only 1.00 each! Can u beleive so cheap? There really is a Santa Clause....