Saturday, March 29, 2008

Old school PLAIN M&M bag- Xtra large 3 pounder!

Old school PLAIN M&M bag- Xtra large 3 pounder! Not sure the year on this, but it's one of my coolest items- an old school Xtra large 3 lB bag /wrapper for PLAIN M&Ms, before they renamed them Milk Chocolate in 2000. Notice the candy colors- no blue or brown and no characters either- Red is on the back but looks very different from today. I would guess this is early 80's....anybody know?

NEW Indiana Jones Promo M&Ms w/ Crispy Mint!

Found these at Walgreens, really cool bags, REALLY cool candy colors (red,brown, orancge, mustard,cream) and designs on them- but best part is a brand new flavor- Crispy Mint! Remember crispy M&Ms from some years back (why oh why were they discontinued? my fav flavor) well these are those but minty! Now only if they would relaunch regular crispy....

Friday, March 28, 2008

The M&M seasonal/ holiday design differences....

So it seems that Target & Walmart are now SO big, they are designing their own seasonal/ holiday M&M packaging! For collectors, this is a major score- its all unique, limited edition, and very fun to compare/contrast. Here are some examples from this Easter- each set is designed for either mass market, Target, or Walmart- but ineterestingly nowhere whatsoever does it indicate this on the bags themselves: