Monday, August 18, 2008

NEW- Breyers M&M Cookie Dough ice cream!

Another fabulous M&M surprise for me at the grocery store! And another top-of-the-line Breyers flavor, with a price to match- yes this was an expensive indulgence but I simply had to give in- the packaging alone sold me, who can resist Miss Green? I even bought this instead of their Triple Chocolate flavor, such is the power of the almighty M&M. The ice cream is dreamy: their light vanilla (Bonus-lower fat-and Breyers vanilla has always been the best) with mini-M&Ms and cookie dough pieces! To-die-for and worth every penny, trust me. Find it, love it, life is good....

NEW- Snickers Rockin' Nut Road!!

Oh happy day- I finally found these after first seeing them on the Candyblog and Candy Addict websites. The flavor combo sounded amazing- Marshmallow nougat, Almonds, Caramel, all covered in Dark Chocolate! Wow, that's a serious candy bar. I looked for months and finally spotted them at Walgreens (but oddly not on any new display, just tucked away with other regular candy). Of course I bought 3 and was very happy with the taste, my only disappointment being that the nougat did not have a strong enough marshmallow flavor among all the other ingedients....but overall it's delicious and decadent, very rich, and very filling. Not at all like Rocky Road that we are used to in ice cream, but totally different & highly recommended to try. But where's the advertising I wonder? No promos at all!? Weird....

3 Musketeers Mint covered in Dark Chocolate!

These are the best thing to happen in mint choc candy since York & Jr. Mints- and they are not only delicious (my humble opinion) but have the added bonus of being low fat! The pkg says it all- "Whipped up, Fluffy, Chocolate-on-Mint taste" and 45% lower fat than average candy bars. That's because, just like regular 3 Musketeers, the fluffy nougat is nothing more than sugar, egg whites, and flavoring. Plus these are DARK choc covered which goes perfectly with the mint taste, but they are different than a York Peppermint patty in their lightness- flavor and density are both lighter, softer, and highly addictive. The Fun Size pkg is quite small, so its impossible for me to stop at one- but even 2 or 3 and its still a low fat (albeit high sugar) treat :)

NEW- Jet Puffed Marshmallow flavors!

Here we have some new fun flavors from marshmallow king JetPuffed (Kraft):
Chocolate & Vanilla Swirlmallows are really cool looking, with stripes & swirlys of the 2 flavors, very tasty & fun. They smell heavenly- I may eat them alone but more likely will use them to make cocoa-krispy treats :).
Then I found these choco-covered mini marshmallows - Mallow Bites- hidden deep within the baking section at Target, where honestly nobody will see them unless they have the choco-radar that I have- really these need to be in the candy aisle since they are to be eaten like candy, not baked with. They even come in a cool resealable bag. Hopefully more stores will put these out more prominently- they would do great at movie theatres too I think.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NEW-Banana Split Creme Oreos!!!

Oh yum- these are to-die-for delicious: Dark choc Oreo biscuits with banana flavored cream- and plenty of it-one thing I love about Oreos special Limited Edition flavors is they don't skimp on the creme filling- it almost seems like Double Stuff! The smell alone of these cookies is awesome- like banana bread. Now to be a true Banana Split I wanted to pair these with the Strawberry flavor Oreos, but alas, can't find them anymore- limited edition doesn't last long! Get these while their hot! (BTW- I have only seen these so far at Winn Dixie)

NEW- M&M cookie & ice cream treats!

Perfect for summer- M&M Ice cream cookie sandwich and the NEW M&M ice cream bar thats shaped & colored like an M&M! Yummy, but WHY aren't they made with choc ice cream, since M&Ms are candy coated chocolate after all? I just don't understand the use of vanilla ice's contradictory to the perfection of M&Ms. Oh well, maybe they will come out next. Then there's these little M&M energy cookies- called Generation Max they are "fortified with vitamins & minerals to keep you going"- well that's great, but they really skimped on the candy- hardly any actual mini-M&Ms in each cookie, so not a hit for me. Great concept- poor execution.

Chocolates of the World- Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Phillipines!

For lack of being able to find any actual choc bars from these countries, here are the few choc items I found at import grocery stores- they love their cookies & biscuits! The DELUXE crackers were particularly rich, buttery, and addictive with nice dark choc cream. The Meiji panda cookies I always thought were Japanese, but this box said MFD in Singapore. The Jack & Jill pretzel sticks were made in Phillipines- waxy, weak choc, needed salt on the pretzels. The choc cream wafers are from Taiwan, and all others from Malaysia. The Love Letters wafers were particularly yummy.
To see great wrappers from almost EVERY country in the world, visit a website I found recently from a tip at
Go to museum section to see scans of wrappers categorized by country of origin- this man from Czech Republic has collected over 50,000!!! Very impressive site with LOTS of info and choc history....a window to the wide wide world of choc products....