Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chocolates of the World- Guatemala!

My groovy globe trotting friend Adriana brought me this high quality dark & milk chocolate from Guatemala- its actually made there, although I dont know if all the ingredients are grown there. It is very pure too- with REAL cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, real milk and real vanilla. Im very impressed with the quality and taste, thank you SOOOO much Adriana! You're the best.....

NEW- Coconut M&Ms!!!

Oh my, this is a BIG deal for coconut lovers- and they are so good! Tastes a lot like Mounds actually. They are bigger than normal M&Ms, and I was a little disappointed that they didn't make them look like little coconuts inside with choc shell and white coconut flavored choc inside- that would have been fun. But its just all regular choc color and really tasty- very cool Limited Edition with great packaging. Odd that I have seen no TV or magazine ads for these at all- where is the advertising push? and only saw them in one store....wierd.

Chocolates of the World- Canada!

Ok so these are actually produced in Switzerland, but that's ok- sure is pretty packaging right? My awesome buddies Adriana and Monnett brought me these from a trip to Niagra Falls- the chocolate is excellent, and perfect little bite size squares- thank you ladies!