Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Publix amazing Chocolate Obsession cake- just look at it!

Pictures say 1000 words here- this incredible decadant cake can be found for about $20 at Publix grocery store bakery counters. Its so gorgeous they even made a TV commercial for it! Inside is just as amazing- layers of rich choc cake with light fluffy frosting and all covered in that rich dark choc shiny ganache- its any chocophiles dream come true! Thanx Publix, worth every penny.

Holiday M&Ms- Valentine's Day & Winter holidays!!

Just gotta love all the variety of packaging for the holiday bags of M&Ms- the worlds greatest choco candy spares no expense in decorating their delightful bags, with large store chains (Target, Walmart) selling different versions of the same flavors. Here I put them all together so you can see the differences- oh & these are only about half the collection I have from many years! I LOVE it- the more the merrier! Enjoy....

NEW- 3 Musketeers Dark Choc Cherry and Truffle Crisp!!

These are 2 new versions of one of my favs- 3 Musketeers. The Cherry I think is only for Valentines day holiday candy, but hopefully longer- these are fabulous! Mellow fluffy cherry inside covered in a thin dark choc coating- its perfect for a quick minisnack- they are very low fat yet give you a sugar/choc hit. Their new Truffle Crisp bars are super tasty too- absolutly perfect for dipping in hot cocoa or coffee- the classic choco malt taste is awesome and that little crispy cookie and choc covering is delightful- 9 grams fat for both- not bad! Both highly recommended :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

NEW- Chocolate Cheerios!!

So even Cheerios could not resist the chocolate cereal craze! Lately all kinds of "healthy" cereals have been producing tasty chocolaty versions (see my older posts for Special K, Chex, Honey Bunches...) and heres Cheerios version- its good with light and dark shiny rings, and tastes slightly cocoa like, but it's just not sweet enough for me- I actually had to add sugar even tho I ate it in chocolate milk! But then again Im a sugar/sweet addict so Im not surprised. Overall definitly worth trying for chocophiles.....