Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chocolates of the World- Japan!

Here are some funky cool treats I got from Really cute mini chocolate ice-cream cones, and Pistachio chocolate! They really like fruit flavored white choc -this bar comes in banana, strawberry, and other flavors too. Interesting, but not chocolate in my opinion- just cocoa butter, sugar, and flavoring. Ick. Look below to see Japanese KitKats!

NEW- Twixels!

These are the new "lighter" version of Twix candy bars that come in new fun flavors- Triple Choc, French Vanilla, and Caramel. They are clearly geared toward women and pronounce "only 90 calories per serving" on the box. And they are delicious little cookies! I especially enjoyed trying 2 flavors together, but of course went way over and past the "serving" size.....who could eat just 2??

NEW- Pillsbury Dark Choc Mint Cake!

Now this is just SO decadent and chocolaty that I simply had to try it- and trust me, its every bit as good as as the photo suggests. The Andes mint cream and sprinkles really make it amazing- I had to refrain from eating it all myself! Highly recommended!

Another celebration of chocolate cereal (& milk)!

This is my second "ode to chocolate cereal" because there have have been some new and amazing cereals put out lately! Now add to these some chocolate milk (soy for me) and you have one amazing low-fat, high sugar, cool-summer, chocoriffic treat!!
I can't go a day without it.....