Monday, May 11, 2009

Japanese KitKats- can't get these flavors here!

Nestle KitKat is quickly becoming the new Pocky- Japan's favorite chocolate candy. I got all of these on the fun Japanese pop-culture site and you can see they look similar but are also quite different than the U.S. versions. The flavors are really unique & wonderful- Custard Pudding, Tiramisu, Jasmine Tea, and Azuki bean- and you can see they use both white and milk chocolate for the many varieties. I just love the beautiful packaging and will certainly keep my eye on to see if any new flavors come out (surprisingly the shipping cost is quite low from Japan!)

NEW- Himalania & TerrAmazon- a new take on trail mix!

Found these tasty nuggets at Whole Foods, and wow are they special! The Himalania Crunch included dark chocolate, cashews, pistachios, Himalayan pink salt, Goji berries, Organic cane juice, and rice syrup. They are 100% natural, gluten and choclesterol free. They are certainly tasty, but unfortunatly I could not taste any chocolate! I enjoyed the nut flavors and berries, but had to add bits of my own choc-still, tasty either way. TerrAmazon Cacao Nibs with macadamia nuts are harvested under Fair Trade and Organic farming methods and use unrefined sugar cane syrup & brown sugar for sweetener. The beans are "criollo" which are considered the most flavorful, and the most expensive. This is a crunchy, flavorful treat that I enjoyed, but did need a dash of salt to balance the sweetness a bit. Recommended!

Hot sauce in your chocolate?!?

Wow, now here's an unusual pair- dark chocolate and Tabasco hot sauce!! My awesome globe trotting friend brought me these from Louisiana, where Tabasco is manufactured, and boy do they LOVE their hot sauce! I'm not a spicy food fan but I will try anything involving chocolate and what do ya know? It aint bad! Cool smooth dark choc is the first taste then- WHAM- theres the after kick of spice- its like pure natural entertainment in your mouth! If I ever need a pick-me-up....Thanks again Linda, you never cease to surprise and delight me! :)

NEW! Reese's Cremes truly melt in your mouth....

Very excting for Reese's fans, they have rolled out the second entry in their "Select" line (found only at Target so far), also called "Signature chocolates" on the bag....the first was the Reese's caramel/pecan Clusters, and now here are the VERY creamy cremes! And by creamy I mean like warm runny peanut butter, nothing at all like the kind in the cups. These can be potentially messy so careful as you bite in- But, oh, sooooo good- that classic Reese's flavor never gets old, perfect pairing of salty and sweet- Bravo!!