Saturday, April 25, 2009

NEW- Strawberry Oreos from the U.S. and Japan!

There is a wonderful Japanese website called J-LIST ( that sells all things pop-culture from Japan, including very fun snacks & chocolate. Of course I had to try their Oreos, and in strawberry flavor no less, since those are not avail. in the U.S.- UNTIL NOW! The same day these arrived by mail, I was grocery shopping and found New Strawberry Milkshake Oreos! What are the chances? Now besides the obvious appearance, after taste comparisons, they are totally different cookies (but both yummy). Their version is not nearly as sweet as ours, as the Japanese like their cookies/chocolate a bit milder in general from ours. The U.S. version is delectable, and also goes well with the earlier Banana version I listed months ago (also pictured). One thing's for sure- Im going to have a hard time not devouring all of these at once! (BTW- J-List shipping rates are surprisingly low)

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