Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wildly Cherry & Cherry Cordial M&Ms

Now this is interesting- back during Christmas candy time M&M made these great DARK choc M&M Cordials in a very special bag for gift giving (found at Target of course) They did not have a cordial type filling but were just dark choc with a cherry flavor added- the candy was 3 diff shades of red and various sizes, really quite good!

Then recently they came out with Wildly Cherry M&Ms but they are MILK chocolate with cherry flavor- same colors and sizes as the cordials, but not as good in my opinion due to change in choc. For me I think tart fruit flavors (and most things) just go better with dark choc, which was also my problem with their Razzberry flavor. And isn't dark choc all the rage now? Its popular and failry new for M&Ms, surprised they don't use it for these. But hopefully these will be Wildly popular anyway and Im just happy to see them experimenting with fun new flavors!

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Susan said...

I have tried the cherry cordial m&m's that were awesume and I wish I can find more bags. I know they are retired and I wish they kept them around. I am sure someone has some somewhere. I have not tried the wild cherry ones yet, they are hard to find also. Would you happen to know where I can find them both? I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Susan