Friday, April 4, 2008

NEW Hershey Bliss- 3 blissful flavors!

Hershey has a lovely new product out, and they are clearly competing directly with the "Dove Promises" market- bite-size individually wrapped "premium" chocolates in beautiful packaging- I found these at Walgreens in an aisle end promo in little sampler sizes- perfect! Love it! The flavors include : Smooth & Creamy Milk Chocolate, Milk Choc with a Meltaway Center, and Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate.

The chocolate is yummy, certainly WAY better than a regular Hershey bar, but not as good as their Cacao Reserve line. I found them all smooth and rich, not better or worse than Dove (ok maybe not quite as good) but certainly enjoyable. Try them -you be the judge!
BTW- I cant keep track of who's buying who anymore- Hershey doesn't own Dove do they? Anybody know?


Anonymous said...

very nice! =)

Sera said...

I've been eyeing these in the store, I guess I'll have to give them a go. :)

Was there a flavor that you thought was the strongest of the bunch?

Chocoflyer said...

Sera, so glad you ckd out my blog, thank you. I always prefer dark chocolate so that was my favorite- as they say its Rich & Creamy dark, so probably maybe 65% cacao or so, tastes like their Special Dark variety- good in a pinch but not comparable to the super high end stuff we also love....The milk/meltaway was tasty, really does melt in your mouth quite nicely!