Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rasberry & Chocolate- all the rage!

Here are 2 new candies that confirm Rasberry & chocolate are a delicious combo. M&Ms calls theirs Razzberry and unfortunately chose to make them with milk choc- Why? This baffles me cuz dark choc would have been SO much better with the tartness of rasberry and they are so gung ho to promote the dark choc M&Ms- seems odd not to use it here.
The good news is that 3 Musketeers got it right and have a very light, fluffy rasberry filling coated with just enough dark choc- its really a sweet light treat that I adore and hope they continue to produce for awhile (how long is Limited Edition?). I also saw ORANGE 3 Musketeers but sorry, not a fan of anything combining orange & choc so skipped it- but look for them if you are an orange fan. Looking forward to the next new flavor from either of these candies!

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vibrantshades said...

now they have pretzel m&m's! mmmmm delcious. though i do miss these =[