Sunday, April 6, 2008

NEW Indiana Jones Snickers & M&Ms flavors!

Well this is refreshing- a movie/ candy promo that includes brand NEW flavors of old favorites. The Indiana Jones Snickers is not just the same familiar one put in a special wrapper- it's been ENHANCED to the ADVENTURE BAR with this description of its flavor on the back:

"Rich chocolate, crunchy nuts, and a cliffhanger kick of exotic spice and a hint of sweet coconut flavor"- WOW- sounds adventurous and delicious! (i tried it, VERY good like a party in my mouth)

Also we are blessed with new M&M colors, wrappers, and a new flavor- MINT CRISP! I covered this in an earlier post when i found the big bags, but here they are in the handy snack size for all to enjoy...welcome back Crispy! And to top it all off they put Indiana Jones Movie trivia and M&M fun facts on the backs of the wrappers- with a web site link to get the answers.
Choc on!
PS- sorry its a bit out of focus, scanner getting tired


The S stands for S said...

Hahahah! Great inclusion of new editioral on the Snickers bar. Adverture bar, heh.

Sera said...

Cool, I didn't know they have singe serve packages out too!

I reviewed the Adventure bar a bit ago, it was odd.

Chocoflyer said...

I will admit Im not a Snickers fan to start with, so this was a stretch for me (I have a commitment to showcase ALL new candy/ choc I find- so gotta eat it too!) This Snickers was better than normal with a little spice kick, but the coconut tasted a tiny bit sour/ weird. Im glad thay offered a new flavor and hope ppl enjoy it, but Im not a convert....I prefer 3 Musk. and dark choc Milky Way.