Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NEW Roca Toffee Thins and Caramels!

Found these at Walgreens ck out- what a sweet surprise! Made by Brown & Haley, the Almond Roca co., they come in 2 more flavors- Milk Toffee and Dark Truffle.... the Dark Toffee rocked my world!


Sera said...

I saw these for the first time today. I didn't buy them since I was after Haribo Brix. I'm guessing you'd recommend them?

Chocoflyer said...

YES, i really do espec for any toffee fans and also caramel fans- they are really delicious and have that distinctive Roca flavor...mmmmm

Cybele said...

I'm keen to try these too, since they use real chocolate instead of that oily stuff they put on the regular Rocas.