Thursday, April 3, 2008

Creme de Menthe Kisses anyone?

Wow these were a major bonus for St. Paddys day! Wow- creme de menthe inside DARK choc kisses- they really melt in your mouth and just have a lucious taste overall- very impressive and not to mention FUN and FESTIVE. Of course they are Limited Edition so if you are lucky you may find some in the clearance aisle...worth a look, extreme yum factor :)


Sera said...

This bag is so cute! Alas, I couldn't find it anywhere. :(

Chocoflyer said...

Thats a bummer cuz I would love you to try these- I would even send you a bag but they are so creamy/dreamy they would never survive the heat (80 in FL) :( keep looking!

Sera said...

Thanks, I will!

May I ask what store you found yours in? :)