Saturday, April 12, 2008

NEW Cacao Reserve Ultra Thin Squares!

Got these at Target, not sure exactly how new they are but they are really a cool concept in mass market choc. There's 4 flavors- Milk, Dark, Dark Rasberry & Dark Orange. They are very thin squares, just like it says and shows, and the description on back (of my rasberry box) says it all:

"Specially designed to melt quickly and evenly on the tongue to deliver a unique cacao experience. Swirl the choc across the surfaces of your mouth. Taste the bold cocoa notes in this robust dark choc and enjoy its playful interaction with the lively bittersweet of real rasberries".

Wow- you go Hershey! Im so impressed they are even using terms like "cacao" for everyday folks now and offering this type of choc to literally teach ppl how to slowly taste and enjoy it, rather than scarfing it down. I really enjoyed them, the rasberry flavor was just enough, not TOO strong and went perfectly with the smooth dark choc. The most interesting thing for me is that there was NO logo stamp on these chocs- they are too thin! Its the first time Ive ever had Hershey choc without some kind of little logo on it, they are just plain, kinda naked. But that's ok, it's not needed. Choc on.

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