Monday, August 18, 2008

NEW- Jet Puffed Marshmallow flavors!

Here we have some new fun flavors from marshmallow king JetPuffed (Kraft):
Chocolate & Vanilla Swirlmallows are really cool looking, with stripes & swirlys of the 2 flavors, very tasty & fun. They smell heavenly- I may eat them alone but more likely will use them to make cocoa-krispy treats :).
Then I found these choco-covered mini marshmallows - Mallow Bites- hidden deep within the baking section at Target, where honestly nobody will see them unless they have the choco-radar that I have- really these need to be in the candy aisle since they are to be eaten like candy, not baked with. They even come in a cool resealable bag. Hopefully more stores will put these out more prominently- they would do great at movie theatres too I think.

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