Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NEW-Banana Split Creme Oreos!!!

Oh yum- these are to-die-for delicious: Dark choc Oreo biscuits with banana flavored cream- and plenty of it-one thing I love about Oreos special Limited Edition flavors is they don't skimp on the creme filling- it almost seems like Double Stuff! The smell alone of these cookies is awesome- like banana bread. Now to be a true Banana Split I wanted to pair these with the Strawberry flavor Oreos, but alas, can't find them anymore- limited edition doesn't last long! Get these while their hot! (BTW- I have only seen these so far at Winn Dixie)


ARLENE said...

I think I just gained 5 pounds reading your blog. You must have a great metabolism!

Chocoflyer said...

Luckily, I do, but I still have to work out a lot & watch everything else I eat. Choc is my one daily indulgence, otherwise I eat very healthy- my main rule is No fried food or fast food(except once in a blue moon)- mostly its lean meats, fish, & fruit/veggies.
Thanx for reading!