Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chocolates of the World- Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Phillipines!

For lack of being able to find any actual choc bars from these countries, here are the few choc items I found at import grocery stores- they love their cookies & biscuits! The DELUXE crackers were particularly rich, buttery, and addictive with nice dark choc cream. The Meiji panda cookies I always thought were Japanese, but this box said MFD in Singapore. The Jack & Jill pretzel sticks were made in Phillipines- waxy, weak choc, needed salt on the pretzels. The choc cream wafers are from Taiwan, and all others from Malaysia. The Love Letters wafers were particularly yummy.
To see great wrappers from almost EVERY country in the world, visit a website I found recently from a tip at
Go to museum section to see scans of wrappers categorized by country of origin- this man from Czech Republic has collected over 50,000!!! Very impressive site with LOTS of info and choc history....a window to the wide wide world of choc products....

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