Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NEW Tiny dark Tobler & dark Pomegranate Hershey!

Here are 2 great new offerings from totally unrelated companies but similar packaging- both eye catching & bold, using red, black & yellow- really stood out to me. Swiss Toblerone has shrunk their famous Tobler bars into "the tiniest Toblerone in the world" says the bag- they are perfectly bite size dark choc with honey & almond nougat. Delicious, adorable, and great for snacks on the go- throw a few in your purse or lunch bag. And Hershey has added an exciting new flavor to their Extra Dark line of squares- this is All Natural Pure Dark Chocolate (60%) with Pomegranate flavored pieces- yes, i know, the dreaded word "flavored"- red flag! Apparently (according to the ingrediants list) its not actual pomegranate pieces but rather some random fruit with pomegranate juice added, so altho its All Natural I guess real pomegranate either didnt hold up well or is too expensive or hard to process? Not sure but you do get a strong pomegranate flavor and pieces of fruit in each bite which contrasts very nicely with the slightly bitter chocolate. Really quite good and recommended. Plus each one is individually wrapped for a yummy treat anytime, anywhere- bonus!

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