Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NEW M&Ms Premiums- fancy new flavors & colors!!

So excited! This is majorly HUGE news for M&M and candy lovers- M&Ms PREMIUMS have hit the shelves!! I found these at Target after hearing rumours of them at diff candy websites, and here they finally are! OMG so beautiful- the colors! The packaging! The flavors! These are NOT the M&Ms you grew up with - they are all dressed up for a very fancy party and come in an array of cool new flavors: Triple Chocolate, Mint, Rasberry Almond, Mocha, and Chocolate Almond (that's all Target had at least). For starters I got the 4 you see here, Im sure they will go on sale with a promotion coming soon I hope (have not yet seen any print or TV ads for these at all!?). The Target price is $3.99 for 6 oz, which may seem high but not really - these are seriously VERY special M&Ms. The cool metallic/marbled colors are really space age looking and SO pretty, would look amazing in a candy dish or as decoration on cookies/cakes. It's hard to capture the full effect here online- gotta see up close. The packaging is so fun, fresh, and innovative Im just blown away. Its a fully resealable bag within a box (see photo) and works perfectly to show them off. The taste? It starts with a heavenly smell form whatever flavor you pick, but Im a little bummed cuz there's no crunchy candy shell! It's so weird to bite an M&M and have just a soft chew- no crunch at all! Took me a moment but I got over it- that's a curious choice they made which separates them even further from regular M&Ms- or maybe the metallic dye/colors would not work for a hard shell(?). Anyways they taste as awesome as they sound and I will definitely buy the other flavors. So for the love of chocolate, keep an eye out for these, they are some very classy candies!


Cybele said...

Oh, wonderful! You found them too!

I agree that they're very different from regular M&Ms, because there's no candy shell. I'm thinking maybe they should have given them a more distinctive name.

(The weird thing is, I don't think they're going to stay $3.99 for long, I think the later price may be a bit higher.)

Chocoflyer said...

I think they will regret not having a crunchy shell, its kinda bothering me cuz it just doesn't seem like M&Ms w/out it. I really bet its the fancy coloring that is the culprit. Oh well, still great flavors and FUN for choco lovers! I saw your post and REALLY wish i had seen those other Limited Edition offerings you mentioned....maybe next time I go to M&M World I'll get lucky :)