Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A celebration of CHOCOLATE CEREAL- my other favorite food....

Every morning without fail I wake up and pour myself a big yummy bowl of sugar cereal with chocolate milk (my fav is Silk Chocolate Soy Milk since Im lactose intolerant) Recently a friend asked "how many boxes of chocolate cereal do you have right now in the pantry?" and I thought for a minute- a lot! At least 6! Yes, I LOVE it and even take baggies to work for a snack- its just the best food ever, anytime, anywhere (Im a sugarholic too- but not overweight since I exercise and otherwise watch my diet closely - no fried food!) Chocolate seems to be popping up on the cereal aisle more than ever lately - ever since the latest "health craze" about dark choc, all the so called "healthy" cereals have jumped on the bandwagon, adding it to their flavor varities. There's Choc Chex (very yummy, see earlier post), Choc Special K (with REAL dark choc chunks- really special), Choc Life (havn't tried yet) and Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Choc Clusters (good but not great). So here's a little sample of my current favorites- the best will always be Count Chocula of course, but I also love the new Choc Marshmallow Mateys (like Cocoa Puffs w/ tons of marshmallows!) and also love the PB&C even if its a generic of Reese's Cereal, it tastes just as good for half the price. Also not shown but with Honorable Mention- Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, Cocoa Puffs, and Cocoa Pebbles (try these two with strawberry milk for a fun twist). Im a true worshipper and will always enjoy the many variations these cereal co's come out with- and always with chocolate milk- it's the only milk in my fridge!!

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