Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NEW Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints- ouch!

So standing in line for checkout the other day this particular tin really jumped out at me- the packaging is new and REALLY impressive- so bold and beautiful! I have never been an Altoids fan- they are way too hard and strong for me, I would much rather have a TicTac or piece of gum - but they are very popular so plenty of ppl do enjoy them. I was going to skip it but then I saw the words that melted my heart- "Creme de Menthe" - LOVE that flavor and it sounds so smooth and french and creamy- admittedly the advertising ploy worked and I decided to give these a try in the hopes that MAYBE they somehow were able to soften the Altoids a little (creme de menthe just sounds soft & creamy right?) So while fondly admiring the tin I opened them up and saw the glistening dark choc nuggets inside and with very high hopes to be Wowed I popped one in my mouth and - OUCH! These things are so hard its dangerous! They did not soften them, thats for sure, and after realizing it I just sucked the yummy dark choc off and had to spit the Altoid out- ICK. I will be giving these away at work with a stern warning that they are rock hard- beware! So I come away with the new appreciation that JUNIOR MINTS & YORK PATTIES ARE THE ONLY DARK CHOC COVERED MINT I EVER NEED- they are both soft and minty and covered in dark choc- in fact these Altoids got that taste in my mouth so I had to run out and get a box of Jr. Mints immediatly. Mmmm, way better. Oh well, at least the Altoids tin is worth keeping!

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