Thursday, May 1, 2008

Premium chocolate airport kiosks...seen any?

Has anyone else seen the PREMIUM CHOCOLATE KIOSKS in AIRPORTS around the country? My airport here in FL has these fabulous stand alone kiosks labeled "Premium Chocolate" at all the news stands- they have been here about a year or so. They sell Scharffen Berger, Gold & Blacks, Dagoba, Guylian, Dove Rich Dark, Ghirardelli Intense Dark & squares, Cacao Reserve by Hershey, Nestle Treasures bar and truffles, and Hershey Organic. I think its so great to see better choc getting to this level, where the general public has way more to choose from than just the old standard Hershey bar (which by the way I see their Special Dark avail more than the milk lately...) I am not aware of any brand connection besides Hershey/Dagoba/Scharffen Berger - in fact several of the chocs here are direct competitors, so not sure who is creating the kisoks- must be the airport itself. Well good for them! Of course the prices are higher than normal, but not out of reach. Obviously our tastes are changing and all the advertising is paying off.....So look out for these kiosks in airports and buy yourself some great chocolate for the trip!

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