Thursday, May 1, 2008

Frey's Swiss rainbow of VERY unique choc flavors....

I just had to show the beautiful rainbow of flavors offered by Frey's Supreme line of choc- they are a Swiss co. that apparently made this line exclusivley for Target stores to break into the American market (according to their website press releases) A little history: Frey is a 100% Swiss co. started waaaay back in 1887 in the little village of Aargau, Switzerland as a small family business run by brothers Max & Robert Frey. Today, Chocolate Frey is still made entirely in Buchs, Switz. where the complete manufacture process, from bean-to-bar, occurs. The bars are quite slim and have some very UNIQUE flavors- here's a list:

Rhubarb & Aloe Vera, White Lemon & Lime, Japonaise (hazelnut & meringue crunch), Tiramisu, Hot Chili Pepper, Bouquet D'Oranges, Citron & Poivre (black pepper), Cafe & Cacao Nib, Pecan & Caramel, Coeur de Macadamie, Cinnamon & Blood Orange, White w/Blueberry, Merveille de Lait, Noir Satin, Gingerbread (holiday only), Cinnamon Coriander (holiday only).
Very impressive! About half of these are white choc based, but I have only tried the dark & milk ( I just can't eat white choc- its an imposter and gross to me). The flavors I tried were excellent and-bonus- they are very affordable at only $1.99. So ck these out at a Target near you and have a very unique chocolate flavor adventure!


The S stands for S said...

Did you lay them out on the floor like that? hahahaha. :D Nice.

Chocoflyer said...

Yeah- it was the only way to get a full photo of them all together to show the rainbow- pretty eh? wish it was closer but that's best I could do!

The S stands for S said...

That's awesome. :)

henry said...

Where can I find it other than Target? I can't find the White Blueberry favour that I like.