Thursday, May 15, 2008

NEW Reeses Milk & Dark Choc movie promo- "The Dark Knight"

Here is the new Reeses movie promo tie-in for the Batman movie opening this summer- "The Dark Knight". They are called Bats on the pkg and are basically oval shaped Reeses cups with a bat design on the foil. Most exciting is the choice of milk AND dark choc- a rarity for Reeses. Good call! Love them both......


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hiya my names Jim and I run a website called

I love your website! Im a hug fan of M&Ms myself...its too bad we get such a limited sucky selection here in the UK!

I like the look of these Batman themed Reese's goodies - hopefully I will be able to import some!

Fancy swapping blogroll links? If you do get back to me @ Chocolate Mission :) :) Happy Chocolating


Chocoflyer said...

Thanx Jim- I will go ck out your site too and send an email- Im all for blogroll swapping- the more the merrier! Choc On!