Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chocolates of the World (pt.1)- Russia, Poland, Baltic & Eastern Europe!

Altough I've been lucky enough to visit 12 countries over the years, by no means do I have the budget to just up and fly away anytime to exotic locales. Being a chocolate afficianado on a budget means that I had to learn how to satisfy my craving/fascination for international chocolates by travelling locally- to nearby import ethnic grocery stores! Turns out if you are in any decent sized city (mine is medium size) you will find at least a few ethnic import grocery markets catering to local foreign groups that live there and want the taste of their homes. Their products cannot be found in the average American grocery store- these shops are run by native Russians, Koreans, Italians, Japanese, Indians, Polish, Mexicans, etc...who feed the need for their own people's cuisine. I LOVE visiting these shops and the major bonus is that almost every one offers chocolate in some form, be it bars, cookies, cakes, or drinks. The wonderful truth is that CHOCOLATE IS OMNIPRESENT and loved worldwide! So here I plan to showcase Chocolates of the World and celebrate the beautiful packaging and variety of choc available locally to any armchair traveler- Enjoy!
PS- to find these import grocery stores in your area just visit or and search for the type of market you want...they give addresses, phone #s and maps- easy.

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