Sunday, March 22, 2009

A very sweet surprise - Choco-mice from LA BURDICK!

These are a very fancy fun gift from my Super-Awesome Mom, who knows a thing or two about EXCELLENT chocolate! LA BURDICK is one of the top chocolatiers in the USA, possibly the world in my opinion (the owner/creator is Swiss). They are based in Walpole, NH and have another store in Cambridge, MA. They have been producing premium handmade chocolates since 1987, and these mice are their trademark "signature selection". Adorable and tasty, they have dark, milk, or white thin coatings with heavenly soft ganache inside flavored with cinnamon, espresso, or orange juice. Of course the colorful tails and almond ears are the crowning touch. I almost couldn't eat them they are so cute, but alas, the choco-loving cat in me could't resist.....thank you mom, what a treat! (they also make adorable penguins-

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