Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the season to get Cocoa- Cozy!

Ah, winter- as the temperature outside drops, we tend to cozy up inside and want something warm to drink. As any chocolate lover would agree, winter is THE season for yummy cups of hot cocoa served with cookies or pie. Here are some new and older brands and flavors- Hershey & Swiss Miss have added super dark flavors, which I love and is clearly the trend lately. Several brands have taken the Mayan/Mexican chocolate route- Nestle Abuelita is already a well established brand of Mexican chocolate with a cinnamon kick. It commonly comes in round hockey-puck size cakes that you divide up and melt in hot milk over the stove (very traditional). Oh and it's DIVINE, trust me. But for a more on-the-go society they powdered it and have it available in easy serving packets (still much better with hot milk than water).There's also an Abuelita choc syrup. And Hershey & General Foods have their versions of that choc-cinnamony taste too- all good, but Abuelita has the strongest flavor and will always be the best. Happy sipping!


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