Saturday, December 6, 2008

NEW- Andes Chocolate Mint cookies and baking bits!!

Mint is one of my favorite flavors in the winter, and Andes Chocolate Mints has blessed us with 2 new items this season- mini cookies (found in a vending machine!) and baking bits, which are just the mints all diced up into smaller pieces. The cookies were a disappointment- not nearly enough mint pieces, and a bit dry. But this can be remedied by using the baking bits to make my own double chocolate mint cookies or brownies! That was the plan anyway, until I opened the bag and smelled that heavenly Creme de Menthe smell- tasted a few, couldn't stop- and it was all over. Luckily Target has a good supply of these! (PS- they come in Peppermint Crunch flavor too, but I dont eat "white chocolate candy" so I skipped them)

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