Thursday, October 9, 2008

NEW- Vintage classic Hershey favorites!

Just found these in a display at CVS, of course had to get all 4! They are a reissue of the original packaging for these bars from waaaay back in the early 1900s and wow are they cool looking or what? This is back when Hershey created the "original 5 cent chocolate bar" and made it affordable to the masses- which in turn made him a very rich man. Of course nowdays the wrapping is plastic, not foil & paper, and unfortunatley if you read the Mr. Goodbar its "made with chocolate" which means it's got cocoa beans in it but has some other cheaper oil in place of cocoa butter. Yes this does affect taste but most consumers won't notice or care (I persoannly cant eat it like that...)Fortunatley they DO still use real cocoa butter for the other items shown! And always will if they are smart enough not to mess with their best sellers formula....

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